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Avnir is an immersive and interactive VR Expo that helps unlock the door of your dream home from the convenience of your couch with Immersive & Innovative tech stack like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Automation, along with boundless geographical access.


Recap - TechnoFox 2019

World’s first Virtual Reality Exposition for the Pune Real Estate market was a revolution which we introduced as a new way of marketing. Cognilements have always focused on the best of the experience a Customer can witness.

World's first VR Expo

ICICI Home Loan and Rebal Foods Sponsors

Projects 30 L to 9 Cr

25 projects from Pune

This year, what different are we doing

Based on our experiences from TechnoFox, we have set the foundation stones for AVNIR. We are geared up and ready to take it to the next level and have brought about some exciting new features :

Activites & Festive offers

Avail lucrative deals. discounts , offers and subvention plans on the properties on display

Recommended properties

Intelligent recommendations for users based on their virtual activity

Comparitive Analysis

Compare, consult and discuss about your selected properties accross multiple parameters

Custom rooms & chats

Share, discuss and consult about your favorite home with your loved ones

In today's world, Digital Presence is the key!

Enables your businesses to be avaialable 24/7 ensuing elevated engagement and conversions by establishing a two way relationship between you, your brand and your customers. One more line here to make it a four line content for wieght.


Buyers Like Custom Made Digital Exp


Businesses Invest in Omnichannel CX

This festive season, invest, celebrate and enjoy with AVNIR

Exploring your future homes is both time consuming as well as a hassle. Avnir brings at your doorstep, a wide variety of properties so that you don't compromise the comfort of your present and future. It aims at revolutionizing the entire real estate industry by eliminating constraints such as time, place, distance and providing the best customer experience to its users.

Going beyond the mainstream

Accessible & Always On

Explore the variety of properties on your device, anytime, anyplace

Interactive & Immersive

A 360 realistic experience with interactive elements

Autopilot Tours

Get a complete 3D guided tour of the properties on display everywhere

Guided Demos

Get a personalized & guided tour of your future home

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